American Medical Association opposition to assisted suicide


Following the American Medical Association's (AMA) annual meeting, Barbara Coombs Lee, President of Compassion & Choices, reviews the AMA's opposition to assisted suicide. She says that the AMA's opposition has been a key factor in the slow acceptance of assisted suicide. She asserts that the views of the AMA do not accurately reflect the opinions of American doctors: like the general population, doctors are about two-thirds in favour.

She says that the AMA leadership has always opposed patient empowerment, whether it be assisted suicide, birth control, or informed consent. In her view, assisted suicide will become available in spite of the AMA, not because of it.

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Lee, Barbara Coombs. "AMA Opposition and the Path Ahead". The Huffington Post. Posted: June 17, 2009 06:08 PM. < ama-opposition-and-the-pa_b_217044.html>.


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