Strong support for Dr Nitschke on Australian Coast


Philip Nitschke is completing a month-long Exit International tour of retirement areas on the NSW and Queensland coastlines. The reporter says: "Our street poll on the subject yesterday confirmed most people conditionally supported the controversial issue."

Dr Nitschke says: "I will be devoting quite a bit of time to the test kit we have developed, because when people get this drug [Nembutal] they stop worrying," In the "Controversial doctor" story below, he says that baby boomers accustomed to getting their own way meant the pressure was building, but politicians who supported it attracted the ire of the churches.

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Scott, Belinda. "Strong support for dr nitschke". Coffs Coast Advocate. 3rd July 2009. < strong-support-for-dr-nitschke/>. Coffs Coast Advocate, P.O. Box 534, Coffs Harbour, 2450, AU.


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